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We have coallased dentistry & oral surgeryin one place. We are cheaper than any other places of the world as cost of living is lower. But the quality in as high as any of the Amerian or European Countries.
Tufan Dental Service


  • Root Canal Treatment (R.C.T) by latest machine.
  • Porcelain/Metallic Crown, Cap and Bridge work under computerized dental laboratory.
  • Orthodontic Treatment with Braces.
  • Cosmetic colour matching of teeth by computerized light cure filling.
  • Dental Implant & General Dentistry.
  • Permanent & Temporary filling with full warranty.
  • Latest ultrasonic scaling machine.
  • Experienced femal dental surgeon for ladies.
  • Partial of Full Denture (artificial teeth) with colour mterillizations whichatching.
  • Instant Digital Dental X-ray & Generator.
  • Our clinic provides total bacteria free sterilizations which ensure patient’s safety.

Approximate Cost of our Treatments

Treatment Name Apprx. Cost (BDT/-)
Consultation fee 100
Digital Ultrasonic Scaling Call Plz
Filling (Tooth colour matching per tooth) Call Plz
Polishing Call Plz
Teeth Whitening Call Plz
Glass Ionomer filling Call Plz
Zinc Oxide euginol filling Call Plz
Root Canal Filling (Advanced protapper system) Call Plz
Porcelin Crown per tooth Call Plz
Normal Extraction (Milk tooth/ Permanent tooth) Call Plz
Surgical extraction (Impacted tooth) Call Plz
Minor oral surgery (with local anesthesia) Call Plz
Major Maxillofacial Surgery (with general anesthesia) Call Plz
Teeth Implant (per Implant) Call Plz
Orthodontic Treatment Call Plz
Partial Denture (Removable per tooth) Call Plz
Complete Denture (Removable) Call Plz

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Our Highly Proficient, Skilled Professional’s Are Available To Meet Your Oral Care. It's an institution of Tufan Co Ltd.

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From - 10:30 AM - 2:30 PM
From - 03:00 PM - 09:00 PM
Only Friday:
04:00 PM - 09:00 PM

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